Dear Copiers and fellow Investors,


We closed the month of March 2021 at -2%!

Yes, it’s not our best month. I decided to cut loss and re-invest the majority of our positions back by buying low and taking advantage of the potential recovery/swing play.


And it worked!


We are at a +2% gain as of this writing and will go for more.


We were able to “re-join” the ride-up on these stocks that I am also continuously investing in.

$NVDA – the TECH play.

$LRCX – TECH and specifically the CHIP-making play.

$SQ – If you’re not going online with your business, you are behind!

$PINS – the underdog of social media platforms?

$FB – the TECH play.

$LOW – the home improvement-pandemic play.

And many more, you can check our portfolio for more info.

While we can’t win all our trades, we will do our best to win those trades that matter.

If you have questions, feel free to comment or reach me on my FB page.


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Thank you,


Jed Villardo

I created JV Capital to manage my own fund, share my trading and investing journey in HD.

I wanted to share what I learned ever since I started trading way back in 2014. I hope that more of my friends and classmates will get educated on how to invest, trade, survive, and reach their financial goals through Trading and Investing global financial assets (Stocks, Crypto, ETFs, Commodities, Index, etc.)

Trading or Investing can be simplified and learned, BUT IT IS NOT EASY.

Join me in my journey!

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