The pandemic encouraged people to adopt and spend more time with our new/old furry side of the family. That became the catalyst of the booming business for Freshpet. The revenue growth accelerated every year and in 2020 (peak of the pandemic), it reached nearly 30%!

Here are my simple reasons why I am long in Freshpet:

  • The boom in pet adoptions
  • Great targets: $2 billion
  • Growing demands on online shopping
  • Capacity is still growing

I will continue to buy Freshpet every chance I get.

Jed Villardo

I created JV Capital to manage my own fund, share my trading and investing journey in HD.

I wanted to share what I learned ever since I started trading way back in 2014. I hope that more of my friends and classmates will get educated on how to invest, trade, survive, and reach their financial goals through Trading and Investing global financial assets (Stocks, Crypto, ETFs, Commodities, Index, etc.)

Trading or Investing can be simplified and learned, BUT IT IS NOT EASY.

Join me in my journey!

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