JV Capital is always looking for gamers to be part of Crazy Cat Guild! Who also want to earn real money at the same time.

We are talking about Axie Infinity!

1. Our Trainers (Scholars) will receive up to 60% of the SLP revenue share or more depending on your Guild position!
2. We don’t support multi-accounters or bots or abusers. Trainers who are caught doing this will be banned and blacklisted from our community.

How to be a Crazy Cat Scholar (Trainer)?

It’s simple! Follow the steps below:

  1. Join our Discord: Click here, read and follow the instructions in #read-me-first channel to gain access to Crazy Cat Guild-related channels.
  2. Like and Follow our FB page: Click here
  3. Follow or Subscribe to our Twitch Channel: Click here
  4. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Click here
  5. Follow us on Twitter: Click here
  6. Show your support by sharing our Social Media posts on your walls from all the platforms above (#2 to #4).
  7. Collect at least 100 ISK from the Twitch Channel or play in #economy in our Discord server. Type !isk for more info in Twitch chat.
  8. Please submit your application info in #axie-applicants in our Discord server. Make sure you use the latest template below.
  9. If you have questions, please ask in #axie-chat channel.




Good luck!

Jed Villardo

I created JV Capital to manage my own fund, share my trading and investing journey in HD.

I wanted to share what I learned ever since I started trading way back in 2014. I hope that more of my friends and classmates will get educated on how to invest, trade, survive, and reach their financial goals through Trading and Investing global financial assets (Stocks, Crypto, ETFs, Commodities, Index, etc.)

Trading or Investing can be simplified and learned, BUT IT IS NOT EASY.

Join me in my journey!

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